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This logo is Gertraud Gruber’s internationally protected quality logo. It communicates our product philosophy and the high quality standards we set for our own products.

Gertraud Gruber Kosmetik has been producing its care products exclusively for the professional cosmetics service market since 1955, always in accordance with these quality guidelines for recipes and ingredients:

As natural as it gets – with the best qualities in terms of efficacy, tolerability and application behaviour.

The Prime Professional Quality logo identifies our products as cosmetics that are as natural as possible and at the same time highly effective:

  • Professional quality – only available from selected beauticians.
  • Natural cosmetics – with the very best product qualities

What is more, all Gertraud Gruber beauty care products bear the Made in Germany mark of quality. They are manufactured to one of the world’s highest quality standards and are subject to constant scrutiny. By setting ourselves such high standards, as a traditional German company we distinguish ourselves from suppliers of imported goods.





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