GERTRAUD GRUBER digital anniversary special

65 years of GERTRAUD GRUBER Kosmetik culture – that’s definitely something to celebrate:

with the GERTRAUD GRUBER digital anniversary special
In the form of a live stream in real-time broadcasting, GERTRAUD GRUBER treated its customers to an afternoon under the motto of “Together we are strong – together into the future”. The exclusive programme for beauticians ranged from current topics of the company, the brand and the presentation of the new series SYMBIOSENS, to nutrition lectures and exercises.
The absolute highlight, the warm greetings by Ms. Gertraud Gruber, were the perfect conclusion to the successful event.

“GERTRAUD GRUBER KOSMETIK has once again proved that it has a pioneering role in the industry. Despite the circumstances, we were able to successfully carry out our planned event in an entirely new way and to give our customers the feeling of being there live despite the physical distance, to enable them to maintain networks, make them feel close to the brand and people, and to accompany them in everyday life. And that is something we are proud of,” declared Heike Lindörfer, managing director of GERTRAUD GRUBER KOSMETIK.