The environmental stresses our skin is exposed to every day lead to the formation of numerous toxins that accumulate in the body and cannot be excreted naturally. Without regular detoxification, this can lead to a major internal blockage.

The ALPINE BALANCE body care range effectively supports the regeneration process of skin that has become unbalanced after exposure to environmental pressures and the stresses of everyday life. Enjoy an oasis of calm and unwind with a gentle, detoxifying treatment from the ALPINE BALANCE range of body care products.

Natural extracts of selected Alpine flowers including arnica, gentian, yarrow and alchemilla relax, tone and nourish the skin. Precious natural oils round off the care experience. For silky skin that feels cared for and nourished.


ALPINE BALANCE Salt Scrub with precious salt crystals rids the skin of dead skin cells and provides an added care effect with natural almond and avocado oil. Also contains arnica with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and supports the metabolism, and gentian to soothe and tone the skin tissue.

ALPINE BALANCE Body Butter with its silky texture leaves the skin feeling deliciously soft. Available as a body pack for the salon or as a quick-absorbing body care product for use after showering or bathing at home. Precious natural extracts of Alpine flowers such as yarrow, gentian and alchemilla have a cleansing and astringent effect. Nourishing almond and olive oils provide intensive skin care and create a relaxed feeling of well-being.

ALPINE BALANCE Body Oil wraps the body, mind and spirit in a sensual composition of fragrances consisting of high-quality oils and precious Alpine flower extracts of arnica, yarrow and gentian. Natural thistle, avocado and jojoba oil prevent moisture loss from the skin and leave it feeling wonderfully supple.

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