Special skin care


Every part of the body has different needs.

Gertraud Gruber special skin care products are rich in plant-based active ingredients and are the perfect tailor-made care package for your skin.

Used regularly, they will improve the appearance of your skin.


Spotlight on: Tinted Day Cream from GERTRAUD GRUBER KOSMETIK

Flawless radiant beauty the whole day long

This Day Cream contains a subtle tint, leaving the skin looking smooth and even. Its natural active ingredients intensively nourish the skin and are therefore ideal for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Avocado oil hydrates and nourishes the skin, absorbs fast and contains vitamins A and E to boost cell regeneration.

Almond oil is rich in important fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that boost the skin’s elasticity and suppleness, leaving it healthy and radiant.

Shea butter contains high levels of allantoin, carotene and vitamin E which provide deep nourishment and protect the skin from the effects of the weather.

One colour – all skin tones: our Tinted Day Cream is specially formulated to adjust to every natural skin tone.