Concentrated power

Whether for use as a single product or as a course of treatment, Gertraud Gruber Kosmetik ingredient concentrates in high-quality ampoules provide individual, effective and practical skin care in a class of its own.

The intensively nurturing and regenerating Gertraud Gruber ampoules contain active ingredients in concentrated form, to match your skin type. The easy-to-use, practical dosing pipette allows precisely the right amount of concentrated power to be hygienically dispensed – for skin that looks and feels beautiful.

They can be combined with your daily skin care regime. Concentrated power for skin that looks and feels beautiful.

In the spotlight: Detox & Energy Ampoule

The Detox Ampoule with detoxifying and relaxing organic dandelion and hay flower extracts helps the skin break down toxins and regenerate from the inside. The nettle extract stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the skin. The microalga Chlorella vulgaris, rich in proteins and chlorophyll, effectively supports the detox effect.

The Energy Ampoule is a highly effective, invigorating, natural-based skin care product that gives the skin an energy boost, leaving it looking more vital and more radiant. Ideal for giving tired, pale skin an extra dose of freshness. The energising ‘G ingredients’ ginkgo extract and ginseng extract provide energy and vitality. Green tea has a stimulating effect as it contains caffeine.

Your Gertraud Gruber beautician will be happy to advise you.

Care tips:

The EXQUISIT Andean Kernel Oil Ampoule is also ideal for the neck and décolleté area.

Apply the Hyaluron Ampoule after severe UV exposure (beach, mountain, sunbed) to quickly regenerate your sun-stressed skin

An Aloe Jojoba ampoule in combination with Aloe Vera Gel gives your skin an extra moisturising kick.

Energy & Detox Ampoule