BIOMIMED® Dermo System

Problem skin in balance

Our skin is an extremely sensitive organ that matures and ages with us. So it is important to give it the best possible, tailor-made care.

More and more people are complaining of skin problems, commonly caused by stress, emotional overload, an unhealthy diet, a bad lifestyle, and climate and environmental influences. To replenish the skin and restore balance to the natural lipid barrier, we have developed a new, individually-tailored skincare range that provides a gentle protective shield for the skin.

With its biomimetic structure, this natural skin care range made in Germany adapts perfectly to the skin’s lipid layer. You will feel a clear improvement in the epidermal skin barrier and experience a completely new skin balance even after short-term use.

BIOMIMED® Dermo System – the Second Skin Concept

The term “biomimetics” is a combination of the word “biology” and the ancient Greek word “mimesis” (imitation). Biomimetics therefore means the process of mimicking natural biological systems.

Picture Biomimed Formula

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: BIOMIMED® Micellar Cleansing WaterPicture Micellar Cleansing Water

The BIOMIMED® Dermo System Micellar Cleansing Water is perfect for preparing skin for follow-on individual biomimetic systemic skin care products.

Like the entire range, this product was designed with problem skin in mind. The skin is gently and effectively cleansed of impurities and make-up residues, thanks to the micelle technology and the use of beneficial ingredients and mild tensides. The skin’s acid mantle is stabilised, perfectly preparing the skin for its follow-on individual skin care routine. Allantoin, panthenol and glycerin improve skin hydration.

  • Gentle cleansing
  • With micellar technology and a biomimetic approach
  • Moisturising ingredients like allantoin, panthenol and glycerin improve skin hydration
  • Tolerability on highly sensitive skin is dermatologically confirmed
  • Unperfumed

What is micelle technology?
A micelle consists of individual tenside molecules, each made up of two parts: a water-loving (hydrophilic) and a fat-loving (lipophilic) part. To begin with, the tenside molecules are suspended individually in the hydrophilic micelle. When the molecules encounter make-up residues containing oil, they are very easily removed by the lipophilic part of the molecules and enclosed in the micelle. Impurities can then be simply wiped away with a cotton wool pad.


BIOMIMED®Active Base

The Active Base forms the foundation of the biomimetic skin care system. With its biomimetic structure and containing skin-like membrane lipids, the silky smooth texture adapts perfectly to the skin’s lipid layer and restores its natural balance. Active Base is mixed with the appropriate Active Concentrate and the combination of the two rounds off this unique system of ingredients. Active Base acts as a natural transmitter, transporting the Active Concentrate down into the deeper layers of the skin.


BIOMIMED® Active Concentrate 1

For sensitive, balanced skin
Recommended for sensitive, allergy-prone skin, and for irritated, acutely sun-damaged skin. Also recommended for couperose. Valuable active ingredients like superoxide dismutase (SOD), panthenol (vitamin B5), liquorice root and Calendula strengthen the skin, noticeably reducing skin irritations. The complexion appears even and balanced and feels stronger.


BIOMIMED® Active Concentrate 2

For balanced, mature skin with a moisture boost
Recommended for dehydrated and dry skin as well as for mature/atrophic and sun-damaged skin (long-term damage). Rich ingredients like hyaluron, squalane, Jambú and saccharide isomerates help the skin bind moisture more effectively and help prevent premature ageing. Dryness wrinkles and rough patches are smoothed out. Your complexion appears smoother and more radiant.


BIOMIMED® Active Concentrate 3

For a balanced complexion
Specially developed for blemished skin and skin prone to acne. The active ingredients vitamin C and vitamin B3 normalise the skin’s sebaceous gland function, inflammation is noticeably reduced and the skin is actively hydrated. The result: a clear, balanced complexion.


The innovative BIOMIMED® Active Concentrates contain components of the skin’s natural membrane structure and active ingredients encapsulated in liposomes. In combination with BIOMIMED® Active Base acting as a natural transmitter, these ingredients are transported down into the deeper layers of the skin for maximum effect.

All preparations in the BIOMIMED® Dermo System are free from emulsifiers, mineral oil and paraffins, PEG, preservatives, perfumes and colourants and are available exclusively from your Gertraud Gruber beauty salon or spa.