The innovative hydration sensation for all skin types

Water is the element of life. Our skin also needs moisture to keep it looking healthy and fresh. Our HYDRO WELLNESS plus products give your skin the moisture it needs every day – for a wonderful skin experience made up of pure freshness and vitality.

All HYDRO WELLNESS plus products are also ideal for highly sensitive skin and free of preservatives, colourants and fragrances.


In the spotlight: Biocellulose Hyaluronic Eye Patches

Nature + science in harmony

 This innovation from nature + science with an instant hyaluronic acid effect leaves your eye area looking plumper, brighter, fresher and more awake. The sustainable base for the eye patches is formed by biocellulose – a three-dimensional network of nanofibres with a high water absorption capacity. Prepare to be convinced by our innovation from nature + science. The ultra-thin fibre layers are soaked with a moisturising active ingredient solution and adapt perfectly to any eye contour thanks to their asymmetrical shape.

The result: Radiantly fresh and awake eyes.

Biocellulose Hyaluronic Eye Patches:

  • With hyaluronic acid for more moisture
  • With instant effect
  • The patches adapt to the eye area and are malleable
  • Vegan and fragrance-free

Application: Remove eye patches from the packaging and peel off the white film. Gently press the patches, smooth side down, onto the skin underneath the eyes. Then remove the second film as well and smooth the patches until the material is almost invisible on the skin. Leave to work for 10-15 mins. Remove patches and massage the active ingredient into the skin.