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In the spotlight: Hydro Gel Mask, Clarifying Mask and Panthenol Mask

The right skincare for any individual skin requirement. That’s why we are adding a total of three new intensive care products to our range of masks and packs.

Hydro Gel Mask:

If your skin feels tired and dry and needs an extra helping of moisture, then the cooling Hydro Gel Mask will help to restore its moisture balance.

  • Leaves the skin looking plumper, fresher and moisturised.
  • With aloe vera, cucumber and prickly pear extract
  • Malachite gives the gel mask its natural turquoise colour and protects against free radicals.

Clarifying Mask:

  • Helps your skin to regain its natural balance and nourishes it at the same time
  • Ensures an even complexion and leaves the skin looking smooth and clear
  • Regulates the oil content of the skin and leaves it looking more finely pored
  • Contains both white and red clay, which are full of essential minerals and trace elements
  • The special active ingredient complex consisting of argan oil, shea butter and grain extract soothes the skin

Panthenol Mask:

  • If your claim is “Less is more”
  • and your skin is sensitive or prone to allergies,
  • the Panthenol Mask has a calming effect.
  • As the main active ingredient, panthenol provides moisturised, nourished and regenerated skin
  • With shea butter
  • Also ideal for young, sensitive skin to provide supplementary intensive care with the Facial Balm Sensitive

Good to know: The tube packaging of the Hydro Gel Mask, Clarifying Mask and Panthenol Mask are made of 50% PCR (POST CONSUMER RECYCLED) recycled material from milk bottles.


Care tips:

The vitamin mask can also be partially applied.

The soothing After Sunshine pack is also recommended for couperose and redness.

For an even more beautiful complexion, use the Collagen Elastin Pack in combination with the Collagen Elastin Ampoule.


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