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Experience the individual Gertraud Gruber products to nourish your body, to maintain the beauty and youthfullness of your skin.

Used daily, it will increase your well-being and pamper your skin with exquisite essences and active ingredients.

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In the spotlight:
NEW: Anti Aging Vitamin Hand Cream

Our hands – our “second face” – betray our age more than any other part of the body. So well-cared-for hands are just as important as a well-cared-for face.

The gentle and rapidly absorbing formulation of the Anti Aging Vitamin Hand Cream enables you to care for your hands completely naturally and gives you soft, supple hands right down to your fingertips.

Anti Aging Vitamin Hand Cream:

  • Natural care formula for delicate skin
  • Protects against light-induced skin aging with nori algae, a natural UVA sunscreen
  • With free radical scavenger vitamins C and E
  • Vitamin C impedes melanin production and helps create an even skin tone
  • Vitamin B5 and jojoba oil moisturise the skin

Application: Apply to clean hands and massage in.


Care tip:

Apply Alpine Herb Emulsion to the affected regions of your body after a physically tiring day or if you have aching muscles. It gently stimulates the circulation and relaxes the muscles.

EXQUISIT Vitamin Oil Gold is not just a skin-smoothing treasure, it also prevents stretch marks if used regularly.


Anti Aging Vitamin Hand Cream