A balanced pH plays an important role in maintaining the health of our organism. Increasingly harmful environmental influences, changing living conditions and an unhealthy lifestyle can severely affect the balance of alkalis and acids. Over-acidification of the organism can lead to physical sensitivities and chronic illnesses and can often also leave visible and noticeable traces on the skin.

As early as 1997, at a time when little was known about the importance of acids and alkalis in the human organism, the first Alkaline Deacidification Week was held under medical supervision at the GERTRAUD GRUBER beauty farm – an event that has since gone on to become extremely popular.

In our MARINE BALANCE method we have successfully created a holistic cosmetic treatment and product concept for eliminating excess acids deposited in the connective tissue. This effective alkaline skin care range is based on a small number of pure, highly concentrated ingredients. Our holistic method, which includes detoxifying facial and body treatments and a set of matching natural, high-quality products for use at home, helps rebalance the skin’s and body’s pH.

The MARINE BALANCE Face Pack for a unique, effective skin care ritual: Rügen healing chalk, which has a pH of 8-9, is a natural powder which gently and evenly cleanses the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and supple. The plankton extract strengthens the skin’s barrier function, while Chlorella vulgaris regenerates the skin. The sea salt from the Gulf Stream is rich in minerals and trace elements.

The MARINE BALANCE Natural Face Sponge for a gentle, vitalising massage: this natural product from the sea, with its unique shape and fine-pored structure, is mild on the skin and effectively removes residues of cleansing products, masks and face packs. Besides the cleansing function, a massage with this sponge also boosts blood flow to the skin.

The MARINE BALANCE Alkaline Bath for a holistic wellness experience: valuable minerals and trace elements in the sea salt and the Rügen healing chalk boost drainage and leave the complexion looking healthy and cared for. The freshwater algae Chlorella vulgaris regenerates the skin.

The MARINE BALANCE Skin Function Oil boosts blood flow to the skin with an effective massage, creating a feeling of holistic wellness. Essential oils including St John’s wort, rosemary, juniper berry and pine needle oil activate the metabolism, promote blood flow to the skin and also have regenerative properties. Birch bark extract protects stressed skin, while daisy extract has a soothing effect.

The MARINE BALANCE Wooden Massage Brush for an effective dry massage: the hornbeam “bristles” are set in a rubber cushion that works with compressed air, providing a particularly gentle massage. The body of the brush is made of oiled, FSC®-certified beech wood.

The MARINE BALANCE Alkaline Tea for a relaxing alkaline tea ritual: produced to a special recipe from the GERTRAUD GRUBER beauty farm, this tea is the perfect accompaniment to every alkaline treatment. Exclusively selected ingredients from controlled organic production such as walnut leaves, beech leaves, horsetail, elder flowers, yarrow flowers and violets have a draining effect.

The MARINE BALANCE 7-day Treatment Alkaline Set for a soothing week-long programme: this treatment is perfect for detoxifying your body at home once a year – or even better, twice a year.





The MARINE BALANCE 7-day Treatment Alkaline Set