SYMBIOSENS – probiotic skin care

Probiotic skin care for skin in harmony

According to the philosophy of Gertraud Gruber, a body in balance is the holistic basis for our well-being. The manifold processes in our body are largely controlled by the basic principle of balance. Once any part of this complex system finds itself in disharmony, our body develops compensation mechanisms that strive to restore that harmony. And that is exactly how our skin works as well. As our largest organ, the skin‘s tasks include protecting us against harmful external influences. This is why an intact and well-functioning skin barrier is essential for us.

However, our skin can find itself in disharmony, and the body‘s protective mechanisms can be weakened. The result: redness or irritation, but also dryness, poor circulation or increased sensitivity.
A damaged skin barrier can be caused by the wrong or too intensive skin care, but too-frequent cleansing, stress or the wrong diet can also influence the well-being of our skin.

In SYMBIOSENS, we have succeeded in developing a skin care range that helps your skin to strengthen its own protective mechanisms and thus achieve its natural harmony. 


The skin is provided with vitamins, peptides or minerals that are contained in the lactic acid bacteria.

The cell wall of the bacteria provides the necessary connection forcommunication with the skin cell –
to activate the skin‘s own defences.

The perfect symbiosis on my skin


Targeted reduction for maximum effect

The SYMBIOSENS ampoule is the SOS product for sensitive or irritated skin.

  • The probiotic-based active ingredient complex develops its full effects without burdening the skin in any way.
  • The formation of natural peptides in the skin is stimulated.
  • The harmony of the microbiome on the skin is positively influenced.
  • Strengthens the skin’s own defences and the skin barrier for the long term.
  • The skin appears calmed, its ability to absorb water is improved and moisture loss counteracted.


Pre- and probiotic support for the skin

The rich cream supports skin harmony for the long term.

  • The SYMBIOSENS active ingredient complex based on probiotics strengthens the skin barrier.
  • Improves the skin‘s water absorption and reduces moisture loss.
  • A prebiotic ingredient promotes balanced skin flora for the long-term.
  • High-quality oils such as jojoba and evening primrose oil also nourish sensitive skin.
  • Inflammations and itching are alleviated by a pansy extract.


Probiotic skin care without preservatives

The Face Pack is the perfect base for probiotic skin care for sensitive skin.

  • Thanks to the special form of application, there is no need for any preservatives.
  • The SYMBIOSENS active ingredient complex mobilises the skin‘s own defences and supports the strengthening of the skin barrier.
  • Irritated skin is calmed, and any inflammations and redness are alleviated.
  • Your skin feels supple and soft and generally well-nourished.

Our tip: Create a soothing face pack with a bowl, brush or spoon and cold water and integrate it in your skin care ritual.