HydroWellness plus & Nerve tract massage

Method HydroWellness plus
Feel-good treatment with revitalising effect

Supported by a gentle, relaxing massage, highly concentrated algae-based active ingredients penetrate into the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. Among the herbal ingredients are phytosqualane from the olive and extracts of lapacho and green tea. They have a revitalising effect and regulate the skin’s moisture balance, while evening primrose oil and shea butter increase its tone and elasticity.


Nerve tract massage
To stimulate vital energies

This unusual massage relieves stress and tension and gives you your inner peace and serenity back. Stimulating the meridians activates the circulation and encourages the elimination of toxins from the connective tissue.

The result is a complexion with a youthful radiance and a fresh, healthy appearance.

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