AYURASAN® method


Natural beauty and wellbeing according to Ayurvedic principles. The holistic AYURASAN® method combines Gertraud Gruber’s ‘Preventive Healthcare’ philosophy with selected Ayurvedic elements. Special meridian massages stimulate inner balance. Combined through the use of the finest essences, oils and fragrances, skin and senses are revitalised.


Head, face and décolleté


Starting with a warm oil application, the Marma vital points between the forehead and the décolleté are stimulated with gentle pressure. These points are transversed by the body’s bioenergetic pathways, or meridians, from which positive energy waves radiate to restore inner harmony. Dosha creams selected to match your skin type make your skin noticeably soft and supple.






Whole body treatment including foot and hand massage


Source of beauty: starting with Garshan, a dry massage preformed with raw silk gloves, the skin becomes receptive to the beneficial ingredients of the body oil used in the Abhyanga massage. This stimulates the body’s Marma vital points, while the warm Ayurvedic oil being gently massaged into the skin works from the outside in. The perfume of selected essential oils such as rose, sandalwood and ylang ylang caresses the senses, making you feel noticeably refreshed, relaxed and re-energised.

Treatment methods