Developed and perfected ready for launch in close collaboration with naturopaths, medical specialists and experienced beauticians, the MARINE BALANCE method starts at the salon with the new, effective drainage treatment. The highlight of the treatment is the unique fascial massage which prepares the body for the draining body pack. The massage boosts blood flow to the skin and releases deposited waste products. The warm body pack activates drainage and leaves the skin feeling silky soft.

The treatment, the products and their ingredients are all perfectly coordinated to produce the best possible effect. The programme is continued at home with the MARINE BALANCE 7-day Treatment Alkaline Set. This treatment is perfect for detoxifying your body at home once a year – or even better, twice a year. Preventive health care the Gertraud Gruber way.

The new MARINE BALANCE method:

  • consists of a fascial massage with the MARINE BALANCE Wooden Massage Brush that activates blood flow to the skin
  • is an interplay of applications with pure, natural, high-quality and highly concentrated ingredients
  • has a positive effect on the connective tissue and helps release waste products
  • effectively stimulates drainage
  • boosts osmosis and helps the skin and the body rebalance their pH

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